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Hello, my name is Selma Hanwell. I would like to talk about auto glass repair and replacement techniques for all automotive applications. The glass shape, size and location directly influences the way professionals handle the repairs or replacement process. Professionals can use a number of tools and techniques to perform simple crack repairs or reinstallation procedures. These experts also use their knowledge to determine when its best to perform the replacement process instead. I will use this site to talk about all of the different aspects of glass replacement and repair for automobiles. I hope you will visit often to follow along. Thanks.


How You Can Help Endangered Birds Survive When You Replace Your Building Glass

2 December 2014
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Canada's native bird populations add a great deal of value to the country. They act as pollinators and insectivores thereby helping farmers. Tourists are attracted to birdwatching and hunting waterfowl in areas where bird populations support these activities. Birds make up a key part of Canada's ecosystem, and no business owner would willingly do harm to any winged creature. But collisions with building glass account for more bird deaths than avian deaths from oil spills or pesticides. Read More …